Wagner’s hometown: BAYREUTH

RichardWagnerIn a continent like Europe full of music and culture cores, Bayreuth is undoubtedly “Wagner’s city”.
Situated in Northern Bayern region, Bayreuth is actually known on international scale for its Wagner’s Festival in July and August which attracts thousands of visitors and classic music fans. The Festival was established by the composer himself in 1876 as a chance to approach the beauty and the musicality of his operas.
Bayreuth Festspielhaus is the beating heart of the festival: Wagner personally supervised its realization since special architectural innovations were needed for his works’ set up. The theatre is really unique: the orchestra is located in a sort of cave below the stage (called “the mystic gulf”) and it is completely out of the audience’s sight. Even the conductor remains hidden whereas the side boxes, the royal box and the elegant decorations Minolta DSChave been replaces by a semicircular parterre area.
This was all made to highlight the only important thing for the Master: the music.

In summertime Bayreuth gets crowded with Wagner’s fans who animate the town enjoying all its touristic and natural attractions. The stroll in the city centre will bring emotions and pleasant discoveries: Maximilianstrasse and Neptun’s Fountain, Altes Schloss (the Old Castle), the Schlosskirche (The church of the castle), the Neue Schloss (the new castle), the house where the compose Franz Liszt died in 1886 has eremitagebecome a museum. You can also explore some attractions out of town: the Hermitage Palace (5 km east of Bayreuth) with its elegante baroque halls, the Orangerie with its Sonnentempel and its waterpark, the Fantaisie Castle (5 km west of Bayreuth) with its rich garden. The city offers 20 museums and between one and another you can relax at Lohengrin Thermal Baths, a real sanctuary of wellness.

One Direction in Turin. A Flood of emotions

onedirection2014Over 40.000 “directioners” HAVE shaken up the Olimpic Stadium in Turin on July 6th: the Savoy city was literally invaded by thousands of teenagers along with their faimilies. 80% of the rooms of all hotels were booked but not only for 1 night (as it happens usually in these occasions): families preferred a long stay over the weekend in order to visit all the attractions offered by Turin.

The adverse weather conditions and the storm during the concert definitely did not stopEsatour O&M Travels the equipped crowd with umbrellas and K-ways who warmed up the atmosphere with passion and enthusiasm.
Turin was well prepared to welcome this event. The city has become more and more “attractive” to Italians and also Foreigners (Europeans, Russians, Japanese and Chinese) in terms of cultural and music turism.

torinoOne Direction in Turin: third and last date of the Where We Are Tour 2014. Italy went on the road to taste and experience over the weekend a renovated, lively and warm Turin along with museums, long colonnades, restaurants with typical dishes and cultural events.


Circo Massimo, Rome
June 22nd 2014 at 08.00 pm

rolling stonesIt has been almost 52 years since the first concert at Marquee in London on July 12th 1962. And now they’re about to get to Italy for the very much awaited and unique concert in Bel Paese at Circo Massimo in Rome on June 22nd.
A one of a kind band, among the most popular and worldwide known: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood are now back in tour.
The “On Fire Tour” : get ready to burst into flame!
65.000 fans are expected to attend the concert: the event is practically sold out, but ESATOUR gives you the chance to not miss this special date!
You can’t miss this performance: this band has transformed contemporary music over thea-bigger-bangjpg years by mixing social issues with a innovative music (“Paint it black”: a critique to the Vietnam war). 27 albums, the latter one was “A Bigger Bang” was published on Sept. 5th 2005.
Something seems to have changed though in the past 50 years: their transgressive attitude got lost over the years and a new wave of romanticism got a foothold in their lyrics: Baby, Love, Heart, Girl ,Happy… listen close once you are at the concert!
Now we just have to wait: make a reservation through ESATOUR!

Rolling Stones – On FIRE TOUR with ESATOUR

San Gimignano, Siena e Pienza.The “Divine Beauty” tour

II Educational “Divine Beauty”
San Gimignano,Siena,  Pienza
Dec. 9th-10th 2013

A tour called “Divine Beauty” could only be “magic, fascinating and cozy”.
Tuscany has always been one of the main destination for Italians and tourists from all over the world thanks to the peacefulness given by the sweet hills, the small villages and the architectural richness of the bigger cities.
Our educational led us to San Gimignano, Siena and Pienza: places alike to each other for some aspects (Siena and San Gimignano have been honoured by UNESCO as Wold heritage) but also so different due to its particular traditions.
We were hosted by Opera Laboratori Fiorentini: our journey was aimed to discover the inner emotions by tasting culture, landscapes, food, people.
San Gimignano, a neat medieval village, has welcomed us with a foggy but striking atsmosphere. The majesty of Collegiata of Santa Maria Assunta, better known as Duomo of San Gimignano, has struck us with the monochromatic exterior buildings and the shining colours of the interiors. The paintings of the Storie del Vecchio Testamento by Bartoli di Fredi realized in 1367 inside the Duomo are gorgeous.
Our guideled us through a tour of the beauty of the history of art of these places. We did not even realize time was passing by.
The great welcoming of the restaurant Peruca’ recharged our energy. Tuscan cooking reflects the region characteristics. Wood flavours, mill flour, meat accompanied by red wine: they all warmed our hearts and minds.
The tour continued leading us to Siena. Worldwide known for the Palio, its Roman origins (it was built by Emperor Augustus as Saena Iulia) characterize the whole city.
The Door to the Sky, the Cathedral, the Opera Museum, the Crypt of the Duomo, the beautiful Square of Salimbeni and Tolomei, Piazza del Campo, Chigi Saracini Palace have highlighted this “divine” path.
The contrast between external modesty and the inner splendour was the leit motiv of this tour.
The Door to the sky recalls the path that only the virtuoso talents can walk. The itinerary continues first admiring the beautiful marble floor as sign of modesty. It is usually covered in order to protect it by visitors’ footstep. The rose window, deisgned by Duccio di Buoninsegna, represents the Last Supper and it is defined as the largest glass window of the world. Then a look to the sky: you will see the attics of the Cathedral. A breathtaking landscape will wait for you once you have look through the window: the whole city of Siena.
Our tour guide gave us also some explanations of the interpretation of the statues that represent horses in different positions. Siena and horses have a real special bond!

We will have a great memory of the exquisite dinner at Restaurant Gallo Nero. It is situated in the old town centre: the atmosphere and the staff brought us back to Medieval times with simple dishes cooked with typical medieval Siena tradition ingredients.
Last stop of the tour: Pienza, the most important village of Val D’Orcia in terms of art history. We get into the town through Porta al Prato, one of its historical doors. We walk down Corso Rossellino, we visit Palazzo Piccolomini close to the Duomo. A history of men and popes. Built by Bernardo Rossellino, the buyer was Enea Piccolomini, Pope Pio II when he wanted to make Pienza as his Renaissance “ Ideal city”. A small window to “heaven”. The Garden of Palazzo Piccolomini is enriched by the balcony where you can have a beautiful view of the whole Val Norcia. We visited the adiacent buildings: the Cathedral, Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Borgia.
Our tour of the divine beauty ended here. It was hard to get back to reality. But as usual our emotions and memories will be great advisors for the realization of our offers and services for our customers.
See you at our next educational!

Hotel accommodation:
Hotel “Alma Domus”- Via Camporegio, 37- Siena


“Peruca”- Via Capassi 16- San Gimignano
“Gallo Nero”- Via del Porrione, 65- Siena
La buca delle fate”- Corso Rossellino, 38- Pienza


bocelli2The 9th edition is about to start at Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico: the venue is getting ready to host 2 special events after the great success of the past 8 years with more than 150.000 visitors.
The outstanding scenery- place of birth of the Master- in the province of Pisa will host for the very first time 2 events.

The first one, a classic with Andrea Bocelli who will perform on July 20th 2014. The Ennio Morriconesecond one is a new entry: Ennio Morricone in concert on July 22nd.
A magic atmosphere will enlighten the venue with these special events.
An unforgettable place made by the nature with its sweet hills and a star-spangled sky that now is known worldwide thanks to Andrea Bocelli. International artists have performed at Teatro del Silenzio over the years: Laura Pausini, Noa, Lang Lang, Nicola Piovani, Placido Domingo, Toquinho, Zucchero, Elisa, José Carreras,Katherine Jenkins, the etoile Roberto Bolle and Eleonora Abbagnato.

The stage gets enlightened for a few days but the emotions that arise will last till the following edition.

volterraIn the meantime the small countries nearby are getting ready to host the audience that will invade the whole area in July: San Gimignano, Peccioli, Marina di Castagneto Carducci, till reaching Pisa and Siena.
The accommodation facilities of this area are used by now to this crowd: B&B, fancy hotels, they have lots to offer.

Dreaming under the stars in Lajatico is possible.

LAJATICO Teatro del Silenzio – ANDREA BOCELLI 20th July 2014

A new Gadget line by Esatour Travels&Events

A new gadget line by Esatour Travels&Events

A new gadget line by Esatour Travels&Events

Esatour celebrates 2014 with the launch of a new gadget line called “Travel Memories”, dedicated to opera and music audience.
Travel Memories are elegant notebooks which Esatour customers will find in their hotel rooms: they will become travel mates.

Each Travel Memory is a personalized and original product

Each Travel Memory is a personalized and original product

Handcrafted creations made of magazines and opera booklets: each Travel Memory is a personalized and original product because every customer is one of a kind for Esatour.

The idea and the fulfilment belong to a young and promising Italian designer, Benedetta Leonardi, who manually transforms various materials and creates new pages where everyone can note his emotions, feelings and travel memories.

The core of these Travel Memories are its inner pages

The core of these Travel Memories are its inner pages

While the elegant red and gold cover recalls the magic atmosphere of the theatres, the core of these Travel Memories are its inner pages who whisper the lyrics of the most famous operas, reviews and programmes. A notebook for all the memories of a unique and once- off journey.

The artist
benedetta LeonardiBenedetta Leonardi is a product designer who works both in Milan and Pesaro. She graduated at IED in Milan and loves testing the combination of different materials in order to create new works and handcrafts.

5th DIBF Deaf Basketball Eurocup


PESARO- Central Board DIBF- Deaf International Basketball Federation in cooperation with LIPS (Italian Basketball League for Deaf People has nominated the city of Pesaro as venue for the final tournament of “5th DIBF Deaf Basketball Eurocup”. The Eurocup DIBF is the equivalent of the FIBA Euroleague for hearing people, it is therefore reserved to the European Clubs who won the national titles in 2013.

The 5th Edition of the Eurocup Basketball for deaf people is about to start: teams from all over Europe will be host by Pesaro. 11 nations, 21 teams, more than 300 players: these are the numbers for what seems to be an epic edition. The city of Pesaro is already used to host all kinds of sport events and knows that DIBF is a special one: due to its strength, determination, passion of its athletes who overcome any kind of difficulty.
Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, poster_eurocup2013_70x100cmSweden and Turkey introduced their teams on their way to Pesaro.

12 teams will take part to the male tournament, divided into 4 rounds with 3 teams each. Pesaro will challenge Idso Tel Avis and Bears from London. Pesaro will do its entrance on Nov. 28th at 9 o’ clock against the Bears at Celletta Gym.

The female tournament has 9 teams signed up with 2 rounds: one with 5 teams and one with 4 ones. The female Team from Pesaro will be playing in the second group against Nurnberg (Germany), Saint Petersbourg (Russian Federation) and London. The first match is scheduled on Nov. 28th at 11 am in Baia Flaminia against the Russians.
5 playfields were appointed by Esatour and C.O.L. (Local Organization Committee) in cooperation with FSSI (Italian Federation Sport for Deaf People) and LIPS (Italian Basketball League for Deaf People).
press conference dibf2013
“ We have some history with sports for deaf people, the city has always supported these initiatives and this event gives the chance to promote tourism and to introduce Pesaro to those who do not know the city at all. It represents an opportunity to get to know the sport, artistic and wine and food resources”. These are the words pronounced by vice Mayor Enzo Belloni who opened the press conference of the 5th edition of the Basketball Eurocup for deaf people.

partnerdibf2013Besides the participants, Central Board DIBF (coming from all 5 continents), The Italian Federation of Sport for Deaf People, the Italian Basketball League for Deaf People, members of CONI and the Paraolympic Italian Committee will be attending. The Italian Basketball Federation will bring referees and specific technical assistance.

A huge effort in the organization of the event was made by Esatour who took care of the logistics from the ASD Deaf People Pesaro and ENS Pesaro. A special thanks to Paolo Aisa for the artwork, to Giacomo Giardini with UPCoop for the direction of the playfields, to Vuelle for having allowed the employment of Baia Flaminia and to all those basketball clubs who showed helpfulness and promptness.



The Book Eurocup2013

Budapest- Educational Travel 2013

BudapestThey call it “The Pearl of the Danube” thanks to its charm and shiny colours, typical of a city born between oriental style and modern European culture.

We started a trip to discover Budapest as we were part of an educational organized by one of our Hungarian partners. We immersed ourselves into the typical events of this charismatic city since our goal was to plan and improve our offers and packages for our special audience who love Opera and Music.

We took the chance and we decided to experience this new venue with extraordinary results.

Budapest is a lively and high spirited city that keeps evolving all the time. It is called “ Paris of Eastern Europe” with wide green areas, thermal zones with hot and humid steams, great monuments and long romantic strolls walking on historical boulevards such as Andrassy Blvd.

The Hungarian State Opera House is the National Theatre in Budapest. That was ourHungarian_State_Opera_House(PDXdj) first stop-over: It is the cultural symbol of the city and it is of great interest for our opera packages. It’s a neo-Renaissance building of late 19th century: it has a big entrance hall, a vault ceiling , marble details and a staircase. “ It is one of the best theatres in Europe” says Veronika Szabo, head of the Opera House public relations dept.

la traviataWe attended the opera “La Traviata” conducted by Andràs Békés.

The performance was brilliant and all those emotions made us hungry. A few steps from the theatre, surrounded by an elegant and retro atmosphere, we visited the Callas Café and had lunch there tasting the typical Hungarian dishes.

callas cafeIt is very well known by turistic guides, Callas Café offers a great service accompanied by high quality music. We don’t need to mention the exquisite food. We suggest the goulasch soup and the foie gras with lentils and tomatoes.
It was hard to pick a dessert: they were all so delicious just like the wine we tasted.

We totally suggest the unforgettable cruise on the Danube at the nightfall.

Other monuments worth a visit: Heroes Square, the Cathedral, Buda Castel. Heroesheroes_square_ Square is the square that celebrates Hungarian heroes. It is considered the biggest square of the city and concerts and particular events are held here. Stopping by the Millennium monument, symbol of Budapest: it was compulsory.

As we left the city centre behind, we got into the “ancient city” driven by the cable car up to th

budapest_castello_budaBuda Castle. It is considered UNESCO World Heritage: the castle rules the whole city and it encloses the Museum of History of Budapest with all the archeological ruins. A full immersion in Budapest’s history. Our customers will definitely appreciate it.

Another kind of immersion is the one we did at the thermal SPA of the city. Budapest has a centuries-old tradition of thermal baths and offers several solutionsSzechenyi Baths. We experienced the warm Szechenyi Baths, open space thermal pools in the heart of the city which represents the greatest therapeutic thermal centre of Europe. This will a flagship of our packages.

We did some “Site Inspections” at several hotels. The quality, the service and the courtesy of the hotels where our customers will be staying, will enforce the reliability and trust in our offers. We want our customers to be satisfied with all our services.

carathotelOur Hungarian partner organized meetings with 4-5 star hotels.
The Carat Boutique Hotel, Zara Continental Hotel, Sofitel, Marriot and Intercontinental. Different facilities, but all associated by elegance and refinement with classic and modern styles. They will all offer unique and unforgettable atmospheres.

Now back to work. Ideas, feelings, emotions and the charm of such an amazing city will be at our customers’ disposal.

See you soon with memories of other journeys!

For further information, here are some useful links:

Callas Cafè and the menù
Andrassy ut 20, Budapest 1061, Ungheria

Széchenyi Thermal Bath
Address: 1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11, Ungheria

Carat Boutique Hotel
Zara Continental Hotel
Intercontinental Budapest

San Carlo Theatre – Naples , Source of art and culture.

Aida from the 5th to the 14th of December 
San Carlo Theatre, Naples, Italy

teatrosancarloIn a period marked by a serious crisis, that has involved all the famous Italian theatres and their sectors, from the orchestra to the administration department , from the labor to the ballet, San Carlo Theatre carried out a 3-year project to boost the Ballet.
In practice: San Carlo engaged new dancers. A three-year agreement that provides for annual contracts and that will lead to the completion of the staff within 2015 (7 engagements in 2014, 4 in 2015 and 1 in 2016).

Culture achieved an important goal in a territory , unfortunately famous for its economic and social difficulties.ballerini san carlo
San Carlo Theatre promotes art and employment , confirming a cultural policy, which becomes a real hope, either for those who have always lived in a state of uncertainty or for the young ones, that still believe in the future of culture and arts.
In such a devastated area , reference points become essential.
San Carlo Theatre represents a milestone in the Neapolitan culture, acknowledged at the national and international level .
Not many people know that it is the oldest theatre in Europe.
It was built in 1737 and it has a capacity of more than 2000 spectators; it has wide stalls, 5 orders of boxes, a wide gallery and a beautiful stage.
For a long time it has been a model for the other European theatres.

piazza plebiscito
San Carlo Theatre opens the Season 2013/14 with Aida , scheduled from the 5th to the 14th of December . Production made by Franco Dragone.

And the Waltz Goes on Tour and André Rieu’

And the Waltz Goes on Tour”
Budapest, May 31st, 2014 at 08.00 pm

andre rieu and esatourBudapest will be the stage for a new exciting show of one of the best violinists of the world who can combine different musical genres and instruments. We are talking about Master André Rieu’ and his new show “And the Waltz Goes On Tour”. Not  a simple show, but an incredible mix of thrilling melodies: from the famous Viennese operettes to movies’ soundtracks, musicals, popular songs and marches.

His cooperation with Sir Anthony Hopkins brought to the idea of “And The Waltz Goes On Tour” which introduces not only a musical talent, but a real showman. Humour, music and emotions make the show ideal both for youngsters and adults who will dance following the most famous waltz rhythm.

A pleasant walk through the most enchanting  surroundings of the city will be the frame for an unforgettable stay.

Budapest is famous for its traditional cooking, monuments, striking itineraries offered by its history. How can we resist to the warm steam of the thermal baths or to the magic cruise on the Danube?budapest notturna







Book now: Budapest- ANDRE’ RIEU 31st May 2014